Lifestyle Retreats by Veronica Charlott was designed with a clear vision of bringing like-minded heart-driven creativepreneurs together at authentic breathtaking locations. I belive in the beauty of slow living moments, in the empowerement of motivating network and friendships, and that a genuine dream lifestyle is possible.
— Veronica Charlott, founder.

Slow living learning retreats at authentic and breathtaking locations.
Masterclasses in photography, interior and floral design, styling, storytelling, mindfulness, social media, entrepreneurship and personal leadership.
Leave inspired, recharged, empowered and with new found supportive friendships.

Invigorating events, workshops and workcations with other creativepreneurs, dreamers and achievers. Inspirational boost and a opportunity to move your ideas into existence.
Leave inspired, recharged, empowered and with new found supportive friendships.

At Veronica Charlott Lifestyle Retreats you are met by openness, honesty and generosity. We enjoy slow living moments, inspiring tables and seasonal local food. We leave boosted with creative inspiration, lots of lovely memories and new longlasting motivating friendships.
— Veronica Charlott
Thank you so very much for everything Veronica, you truly have a sensitivity for what you do and who you are collaborating with!
— Linda, Sprudla
I am subscribing to your events from now on!
— Ptera, Majas Cottage
Thanks to you Veronica, for your openness, generosity and professionalism!
— Karin, Sköna Rum
Thank you lovely Veronica for an unforgettable experience. The trip, all the knowledge and all the memories and new friendships. I will carry it all with me for the rest of my life!
— Carin, Villa Sjövik
And thanks to You, Veronica, who gave us this opportunity to meet, everyone who was meant to meet at this point in life - still digesting all the impressions!
— Mia, Finca Los Naranjas
The place ... the people ... the food ... magical!!
— Helena, Miss Daisy Blomsteratelje