Don’t ask what the world needs, ask yourself what makes you come alive and then go out and do that. Because what the world needs are people who have come alive.
— Howard Thurman

Our team consists of the best photographers, bloggers, stylists, chefs, authors and true people we know. Together we invite you to the most vibrant and inspiring retreats you can imagine.
Welcome to our world of beauty, creativity and longlasting friendships


slow living  

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I truly believe in genuine encounters between like-minded people and in the small moments of life.
I believe in the ability of the place and landscape to touch our hearts and that shared local food experiences makes life worth living.

WHAT we do

Alfred & Charlott invites you to retreats and workshops in slow living, photography, styling and cooking. Our events always includes local food and exclusive dining experiences. Our team consists of the most amazing photographers, bloggers, stylists, chefs, writers and genuine fellow people we know. All are small business owners, entrepreneurs and truly inspiring creators who are passionate about sharing their skills and unique talents.



Proud Scandinavia invites you to beautiful summer days and lovely Nordic sunsets. When the darkness and the cold descend across the north, we move to wonderful Andalusia. Here we look out over olive groves and dusty roads. Wherever we are, we are guaranteed an atmospheric and relaxing experience with lots of new inspiration. In a world that keeps spinning faster and requires constant connectivity, our retreats and travels are the place to stop time, connect with new friends, develop creativity and find inner inspiration.

for WHO

Everyone is welcome, both beginners, enthusiasts and experienced photographers. We host our events with excursions, fine dining, styling and photography. And a lot of time to "just be". Perhaps you want to change the direction of your life, maybe just get renewed inspiration or seek more general well-being. We hope to help fill the depots, discover the beautiful around us and create new memories and long-standing genuine relationships.

how it started...

 A couple of years ago, I found myself sitting in front of a computer in an office. I was a new hotel manager after 15 years in the service industry and was looking for a sense of meaningfulness. Instead, I stared in a screen for ten hours a day and felt completely empty.

So started the journey to what is today Alfred & Charlott - inspiring events and beautiful details. Together with my competent team of photographers, bloggers, stylists, mathematicians, writers and genuine fellow people, I can invite you to the most vibrant and inspiring workshops and retreats you can imagine. All events occur in Scandinavia or in my second home country, Andalucia in southern Spain.

I really believe in the genuine encounter between like-minded and at the moment of the moment. And above all, we need more of it in everyday life. I believe in the ability of the place and landscape to touch us and shared local food experiences make life worth living. Welcome to a world of playfulness, creativity and beauty.

I look forward to seeing you at one of our events,

Veronica Charlott